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What is the Meaning of the IEC (Import Export Code) License in India?

Import Export Code (also known as IEC code) is a 10 digit identification number that is issued by the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade), Department of Commerce, Government of India. It is also known as Importer Exporter Code. Companies and businesses must obtain this code to start a business that deals with import and export in the Indian Territory. It is not possible to deal with export or import business without this IEC code.

In Which Situation IEC is Required?

  • When an importer has to clear his shipments from the customs then it’s needed by the customs authorities.
  • When an importer sends money abroad through banks then it’s needed by the bank.
  • When an exporter has to send his shipments then it’s needed by the customs port.
  • When an exporter receives money in foreign currency directly into his bank account then it’s required by the bank.

What is the Government fee of IEC Registration ?

The Govt. fee of IEC registration is Rs. 500/-.

What are the Changes that We Can Make in IEC Modification?

  • Company address or registered office address.
  • Change in Company Name.
  • Registered Branch details or add Branch.
  • Addition / alteration/ deletion of partner or director for any partnership firm or private limited company.
  • Change in Business activities.
  • Change in registered mobile number and email id.
  • Bank details update/modification.

Documents Required


Individual’s or Firm’s or Company’s copy of PAN Card
Individual’s voter id or Aadhar card or passport copy
Individual’s or company’s or firm’s cancel cheque copies of current bank accounts
Copy of Rent Agreement or Electricity Bill Copy of the premise

Benefits of IEC Registration

    • Expansion of Business: IEC assists you in taking your services or product to the global market and growing your businesses.
    • Availing Several Benefits: The Companies could avail several benefits of their imports/ exports from the DGFT, Export Promotion Council, Customs, etc., on the basis of their IEC registration.
    • Required by Importers: All importers who wish to import goods in India need to have a valid IE Code. IE Code must be mentioned in all relevant customs documents. Bankers would require you to have valid IEC registration for making payments abroad.
    • No Filing of Returns: IEC does not require the filing of any returns. Once allotted, there isn’t any requirement to follow any sort of processes for sustaining its validity. Even for export transactions, there isn’t any requirement for filing any returns with DGFT.


  • Global Market Reach: An Import Export registration unlocks the opportunities to reach in the Global / International Business Market.

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Is it necessary to obtain Import Export Code (IEC) for Import of goods?
It is necessary to obtain IEC code for Import. However, certain categories of importers are exempted from obtaining Import Export Code.
Is there a separate code required for Import and Export?
No separate Code is required for Import and export and the same IEC can be used for both.
What is RCMC Registration and when required?
RCMC is Registration-cum-Membership Certificate issued by the Export Promotion Council body under the Government of India. It is required for businesses that deal with the export of restricted products and those seeking concessions or benefits under Foreign Trade Policy like Duty Withdraw.
Is there a need to obtain IEC code for import or export of goods for personal use?
IEC code is not required for import or export of goods for personal use.
Is there a need to file returns for IEC?
The IEC code is required at the time of exporting or importing or receiving or paying payments. There is no need to file returns for IEC as there are no post registration compliances.
What are the conditions in which IEC code is not required?
IEC Code is not required when: –

  • The import and export is done by the government departments.
  • The import and export is done by certain notified charitable NGOs.
  • Products for personal use are imported or exported.


Is IEC registration required despite having GST?
It is necessary for every person who imports or exports to obtain IEC registration even if the business is registered under GST.
Is IEC required by Service Exporters?
IEC shall be not be necessary except when the service provider is taking benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy.
Is IEC needs to be updated annual?
IEC allotted to an applicant shall have permanent validity but it is mandatory to update the IEC annually so that the IEC is not deactivated. If the IEC is updated between April-June period each year, no fee shall be charged for updating of IEC.
What will happen if the IEC is not annually updated?
In case of non-updating of IEC within the prescribed time, it will be de-activated. An IEC so de-activated may be activated, on its successful updating. This would however be without prejudice to any other action taken for violation of any other provisions of the FTP.
How to cancel IEC?
IE code can be cancelled by initiating a formal request to the DGFT online. On receipt of such intimation, the authorities will cancel it electronically.